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Greatness exists within us all!
I want to help you to become that great rider and competitor that you can be. Become your best you with these hidden secrets to achieve greatness!
Part One: 8 Secrets to Becoming a Teachable Student
Being teachable is an attribute that will help you in every area of your life. I cannot emphasize enough value of being teachable.
One definition of being teachable is: Capable of being taught, apt to learn. Willing to receive instruction or to learn, docile. That can be taught.
1. Pick a qualified teacher
2. Have an open mind
3. Come ready to learn
4. Make up your mind that you will receive things from your teacher
5. Ask questions if you need to clarify things to better understand your teacher
6. Don’t use up your lesson time talking about yourself, or telling about your past accomplishments
7. Be humble, receive correction, keep negative pride out
8. Be grateful to your teacher and show your gratitude
These 8 tips will help you immensely, and I want to go into them further in my upcoming clinics. These 2 clinics will help you understand your horse better, to become one with him. In your riding and showing!


April 28-29, 2018 | Rapid River, MI

Dana has another clinic booked! With only 5 spots left! This clinic is booking up FAST!
In this clinic you will learn about how to gain body control and how to keep the body control you gain! Dana is going to teach you the fundamentals to body control. This is a clinic you won’t want to miss!

May 5-6, 2018 | Avon, MN


These spots are selling out FAST! Dana will be in Avon, MN teaching you to become one with your horse! Body Control is so important. Whether you trail ride or compete at any level, body control is needed! Join Dana to learn body control and how to teach your horse body control!

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